The Ultimate Exam Toolkit

Your unofficial guide to getting top marks.

If, like most students, you get stressed around exam time and could do with a boost, this is for you.
There’s a lot about exams that isn’t taught in the classroom. Sure, you’re taught what’s going to be on the exam – hopefully? Maybe?
But how do you remember it all? How do you know what will come up? How do you know what to say and when to say it to get the best results?
In this online crash course for exams, we’ll break down how to get top marks using the Axioms for Exam Success. We’ll look at the exact steps you need to take, and the steps other top students are taking that you might be missing out on.

The full course will be released at the start of February: sign up today!

Who This Is For:

The Ultimate Exam Toolkit Course is primarily designed for students grades 6-12 trying to boost their exam results by refining their exam technique.

It’s for students who want to:

  • make revision less repetitive;

  • dramatically speed up their studying;

  • boost their ability to recall everything they revise, from vocabulary to scientific facts to historical dates.

This course will be focused on a specific set of techniques geared directly at exams so there are no prerequisites and no need to have participated in other Dau Academy programs.

For Additional Information:

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