What we offer: Over the next few months, we’ll be offering a series of exam-focused online crash courses, designed to make your learning as fast and effective as possible.

No pre-requisites and no age restrictions, although the courses were designed with grade 6-12 exams in mind.


Ultimate exam toolkit

Your unofficial guide to getting top marks.
In this online crash course for exams, we’ll break down how to get top marks using the Axioms for Exam Success. We’ll look at the exact steps you need to take, and the steps other top students are taking that you might be missing out on.



French Exams

How to study French so you’ll actually remember it. In this webinar, we’ll focus on how to learn vocabulary and grammar faster and more effectively, so you’ll remember it for exams – without the repetitive revision.




Maths Exams

Maths doesn’t have to be scary. It’s one of the easiest subjects to boost your results in – if you know how.



Science Exams

Terms, equations, processes, facts, theories, parts. Science is full of things you need to remember. How do you learn it all in time for exams?



Younger students?

We offer two afterschool clubs for younger children aged 5-10 at certain schools and are looking into running workshops in the future. If you’re a parent and you’re interested in getting involved or signing your child up, contact us!

Want more?

If you’ve got any suggestions on things you’d like to see in the future, whether in our online courses or otherwise, please let us know!