You probably already know how competitive jobs and university places are now, and we’re always hearing how it’s only getting harder.

Feel the pressure?

Dau Academy takes the pressure out of studying. We help students learn effectively and efficiently, so that they know they’ll do their best on exam day.

Have you heard of the curve of forgetting?

If you read something or get taught something on day 1, you’ll remember 50% of it an hour later, 10% of it after the first day, and 2-3% 30 days later.


What if there’s an exam on day 31?

With our methods, you’ll be able to remember everything you need, and it’ll feel easy going over it.

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Our Story

Dau Academy’s founder is 18-year-old Kavita Dau. She loves learning, but cramming? Frustration? Not so much.

In Grade 10 History, Kavita’s teacher was reeling off things they needed to know for the upcoming exam, and Kavita felt like she should know them. She’d drummed them into her head enough times, and spent enough evenings staring at her textbook. But all those little facts, those specific dates, she couldn’t remember them as well as she needed to.

It was frustrating.

Especially because, as far as she was concerned,

Learning shouldn’t feel hard.

She remembered using stories to learn words for spelling tests when she was little, and how easy that was.

Then it clicked.

Why not use stories now? Why not adjust the methods, and use them to learn everything for her exam?

Dau Academy’s methods have been refined from that initial idea, and now use a combination of Kavita’s techniques and the methods that people – people we sometimes call geniuses – have been using for centuries.

Does it work?

Just ask Kavita. Or better still, ask yourself – after you’ve seen it in action.