100 of 100

What is 100 of 100?

100 of 100 is a Dau Academy Project aiming to help 100 students from around the world surprise themselves with the power of their own memories and learn 100 digits of pi by International Pi Day 2018.
Applications to join the program – for free – as one of the 100 students are now open!


Why 100 of 100?

We believe that everyone has a great memory. And everyone deserves the chance to unlock that memory, to do well and to achieve success.
This year, for Pi Day 2017, one of our students did something amazing. She learnt 400 digits of pi and recited them in perfect order. People were stunned with her incredible recall skills and she even got to recite her numbers for CBC! See her for yourself here.
Isha, a Dau Academy student, reciting 400 digits of pi for CBC on March 14th 2017.
For next year, we want to take it one step further. Seeing the power of your own memories is a huge confidence boost, and once you start applying your recall skills to school and exams, you’ll be set! Plus, we want to prove that memory skills like this are teachable and anyone can have a great memory.
So, we’re offering 100 students the chance to unlock their memory skills for free, with our guidance, and test their skills by learning 100 digits of pi!

What will we be doing in the project?

We’ll be teaching via online webinars, and will also have online interactive sessions where you can ask questions and we can help you finetune your skills.
We expect the total time for these online sessions to be three to four hours. Outside of this time, you’ll need to apply what we show you during the webinars, but this shouldn’t take more than an hour or two and we’re there to support you all the way.
Our only expectation is that you give it your best shot and that on Pi Day – Wednesday March 14th 2018 – you recite your 100 digits for us!

Am I Eligible?

Students from anywhere in the world and with any background are welcome to apply. Ideally, you should be between the ages of 10 and 15, and you’ll need an internet connection!
We’re aware that not all students have an internet connection, and we’re working on the best way to help those students too. Contact us at info@dauacademy.com to learn more.

How do I Apply?

Just click the button below and fill out our 10 minute application form. Note – we can only take 100 students and places are filling up fast, so apply today!